There is no wrong side of the tracks.

The vast inequities between communities is unnatural and unnecessary. It's an artifact of bad design and a false choice. Someone decided where transportation would flow and where it wouldn't, where the garbage and toxins would be taken, where the homes, offices and grocery stores would be built, and where they wouldn't. A thousand large and small decisions make up this imaginary place called the other side of the tracks.

The good news is it doesn't have to be this way. We live in a time of new tools to solve old problems. Technology makes us more efficient, and with more efficiency we can have less scarcity. That's also a design decision; a choice. We are privileged to live in a moment where it's possible to do more with less every single day. Is it crazy to think we might finally be able to take good care of everyone

We think we can.

The Bronze Venture Fund exists to bring new technology, capital, imagination and, yes, even some love, to everyday people, everywhere. If that mission resonates with you as a founder, community member, or ally, we should talk